Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In other news...My recommendations for today are as follows:
Web Shows: The Guild

Notes: This is a great show! Its funny, witty and the characters are perfect. This show focuses on a group of people who live their lives through an online RPG. Their people skills are not the best and that is what makes it funny. This will appeal mostly to gamers, however, I think anyone would enjoy it.

Music: Black Eyed Peas "The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies)"

Notes: This is just a great CD. If you like the Peas you'll love this album. It has a great sound...its different, its phunky, its B.E.P. You can check out the album on Amazon HERE


Notes: This is a great tool. It is available on the web, as an application for multiple mobile devices as well as a desktop tool. With Evernote, one can save any type of note (written, typed, photo, voice etc.) to his/her "notebooks" and sync it over the desktop tool and/or mobile app. Its amazing and it allows you to access your notes from anywhere in the world. All you do is create an account (free), set up your "notebooks" for better organization and start saving notes. In my opinion Evernote does for note taking what Delicious does for bookmarking. It just makes it easier to create and access notes. You can read more about Evernote HERE

Well folks...that is all for now.

Peace, Love, & Zombies

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