Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rants/Raves and Miley Cyrus

"Another day, another Carrot" - Bugs Bunny

I cannot believe it is Thursday already! The week has gone by so fast and I feel as though I have no life. Oh well...I have friends, family and I'm loved...So life is good nonetheless.

Today's iPhone app


So I really LOVE this app!! As this most annoying host on HSN keeps saying "Its phenomenal, it looks phenomenal, it is absolutely phenomenal!!!"

This app allows the user to quickly search for photos and videos. The results are then displayed on a gorgeous interactive 3D wall that allows for speedy scrolling, zooming and share.

Cooliris searches withing Google, YouTube and Flickr to name a few. It also allows for saving, sharing (via email or Twitter) and syncing to your PC or Mac Cooliris plug-in. :-) ah technology!

You can read more about this product HERE

6 Days Until iPhone 3.0 Update CLICK *stoked*

In other news: Fotopedia is here.

Its photosharing at its finest. Fotopedia is basically a place for you to upload photos from anywhere (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) and share it with the fotopedia community and the world!!! You can organize your photos, nominate photos to become candidates for the encyclopedia, and vote on photos you like. It sounds fun.

To check out Fotopedia...Click Here

Rants & Raves

Hmmm where to start?

To all my twitterhollic friends....

Rant: Money making twitter scams
You know what i'm talking about! All of these people talking about how they made so much money byt\ sitting at home and tweeting all day. Just get 20,000 followers and make $4,000!!! Sounds like pish posh to me. Maybe i'm wrong? Or maybe i'm NOT! Either irritates me. Can't I tweet in peace? I just want to be able to see what time of the day all of my friends are working, driving, crashing, eating etc. :-p

I don't need annoying "Make$$Tweeting" followers...BLAH... Here's an i.e.

What are your thoughts?

Rave: Next up: D.Trump fires former Miss Cali.

Check the story HERE

Rant: Something that really bothered me about Miss Carrie Prejean's answer was this..

"Well I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage and, you know what, in my country and in, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman," Carrie said to a mix of boos and applause. "No offense to anybody out there. But that's how I was raised and that's how I think that it should be between a man and a woman."

I really feel that she should have chose her answer carefully. Now I am aware that this is old news but it still burns me up. That answer made me think that she was not thinking for herself...All I'm sayin'

Speaking of silly beauty queens! Just for laughs, lets go off on a tangent to one of my favorite videos:

Best fail ever..

Rant: Two new viruses attacking MAC users :-( Read the story HERE
Why are people so malicious?

Rave: Miley Cyrus Tweets
Okay so I know its odd that I'm a 24 year old man following MiCy on Twitter, however they are so silly and sometimes interesting. I think several of us just eat these things up because we love seeing that celebrities are normal people too haha.

About two hours ago MiCy Tweeted that she was making a mixtape for a friend, she was cranky and for everyone to follow her mom on Twitter. She sent all of these as individual tweets and I love how she doesn't miss a beat. My goal is to tweet more than MiCy. Hey, I can dream right?

Rant: I really hate that I lost my job at Tropical Smoothie! I was let go for the most ridiculous thing, but you gotta love life right? I miss my Sunday's singing with my star Ashleigh "HOLLER!"...Hmm...Good times ^_^.

If this lady on HSN says phenomenal one more time I will have a B.F.!!!

The last thing on my mind A.T.M. is Vlogging. Are any of you familiar with vlogging, what kind of cameras do you feel works best? Do you have any tips?

Finally, my question of the day:

What are you waiting for the right moment to do?

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  1. I would rather have my balls chopped off then listen to Miley Cyrus sing! In fact, getting my balls chopped off would probably be a pleasant experience compared to that girls voice. Can't stand her father either.

    Still waiting for the naughty Nando to appear on here...and are loved...u should know that after all these years even though we don't talk as much as we used to.